Practical Guide for Sustainable Meetings
General information about what to consider, links to relevant checklists, forms, and tip sheets.

 The Holston Conference United Methodist Women are making steps to provide more sustainable, green, meetings and events.  Using the above Practical Guide for Sustainable Meetings, we want to provide meetings and events that also make a difference in our environment.

We want to encourage district meetings and local unit meetings to jump on board as well!

Don’t be overwhelmed with all the suggestions in the guide.  Start out simple.  Easy ideas to help make your meetings environmentally friendly are:

  • Invite members to bring their own coffee mugs and/or water bottles.
  • Keep decorations simple. Use recyclable or reusable decorations. Use real flowers.
  • Having a luncheon? Invite members to bring their own dishes & silverware.  Or, use plates, silverware, cups, glasses from the kitchen. Do not use paper plates, plastic or styrofoam.
  • Use reusable linens and towels.
  • Do not pre-fil your water glasses.  Leftover water can be used to water plants rather than pouring down the drain.
  • Give left-over food to a local food bank.
  • Use fair-trade, shade grown coffee.
  • Save paper.  Use a projector and put your agenda/order of worship on a screen or wall.
  • Recycle.
  • Encourage members to carpool.


Click link below for more information and ideas on holding a sustainable, environmental friendly meeting: