Brilliant Star Highlights for Children/Youth:
These linked pages are extracts from the March/April 2009 issue of Brilliant Star titled “Caring for Our Planet” which won the 2010 APEX Award of Excellence for Green Writing. The issue was produced in observance of the “UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, 2005-2014.”
“Caring for Our Planet” March/April 2009 (Download pdf files)

p. 4 Happy Earth Day song (Pair Unity lesson)
p. 5 How Big is Your Footprint (Pair w/Justice lesson)
p. 7 Spring Fling Fun (Pair Service lesson)
p. 10 Message in a Bottle (Pair Kindness lesson)
p. 20-21 Forest Expedition (Pair with Service lesson)
p. 28 Living in a Green House (Pair any of the lessons)

Brilliant Star is an award-winning magazine that invites children of all backgrounds and faiths to explore their roles as world citizens. We emphasize concepts such as: the appreciation of cultural and racial diversity; peace among all religions and nations; the equality of women and men; the elimination of prejudices and poverty; and the sustainable development and protection of our fragile planet.