Holston Conference United Methodist Women there are many ways you can help in the disaster that is occurring in the Texas area right now.  The noted link below can be of some guidance to you.  A copy of correspondence from Harriett Olson has been sent to all Holston Conference officers and those who are on the Holston Prayer List.  Please talk to your pastors, your local unit and others with whom you are in contact and learn of ways UMW can be a strong leading force in serving the people of Texas during this time. 

This link is very informative in helping you to know what best for all of us to do and not do. http://www.umc.org/how-we-serve/top-four-worst-and-best-ways-to-help-after-a-disaster

Pray for these families who have lost their children and relatives, belongings, homes and are suffering from the disaster.  Many churches are preparing flood buckets and this is something that is always needed in times like these.  If you can’t do this then pray about what God will lead you to do.